Tandem to flyincanarias

We’re now at takeoff, with magnificent sea views. Here in 5 minutes, prepare the paraglider. We also give brief instructions for takeoff, flight and landing are as simple as possible.

Then the passenger seat will be flying in tandem, it becomes like a backpack. 3 latches will close. Standing, the chair is awkward and hampers our movements a bit but once seated, in flight and enjoying the scenery, the truth is that it is very comfortable. The passenger is fastened in front and behind the pilot goes. Before departure, I always ask if everything is ready on your part and only after the pilot decide the most appropriate for takeoff (always depending on the wind and its direction) time.

We will explain that while we go out with the mentality of a career, a resistance will be felt by the glider, but do not stop trying to run. If problems during takeoff would simply would stop and we would start, because there is absolutely nothing happens.
The advantage of flying with the glider is that everything happens very slowly and you can start over without any problems. The passenger only has to think about his own career as the pilot coordinate everything else. Now we’ve taken off after the race and when the pilot directed proceed to sit in the chair. For that, we must not do anything special, just let go and enjoy the comfort, safety and this new sense of newfound flight. The glider takes off at about 15 km / hour. If we have 15 km / h headwind almost hincharemos sailing and in just 2 or 3 meters race we’ll be in the air.
During the flight have feelings slip, soft, safety and ease. Shortly away that worry about the unknown and proceed to enjoy fullness of time.
For a good adrenaline rush and for the most daring pilots, Adventure Canary may also perform some other more radica   maneuver.  10487200_582648088508594_4744134077988524219_n 10492156_582648418508561_8671952996317167846_n 10492412_582648121841924_1401895671990193483_n 10526027_582648308508572_1889831312328344026_n 10526057_582648365175233_3203534860494837080_n 10533101_582648481841888_8155739566952648236_n 10544352_582648015175268_8995722786195297554_n