Paragliding adapted to flyincanarias

Adapted sports, was an amazing example of overcoming. Paragliding, Climbing, surfing …
When the objective is to practice a team sport or in official competitions must perform an assessment to determine the physical abilities of each person to choose a certain level and sport. However, when sport has a more playful, as in the case of Adventure in Canarias, almost all sports are adaptable, “it’s a matter of having material means and throw forward”.
Adventure in Canary seeks to introduce or encourage sports or sports activities among its clients. Knowing adapted sports at our disposal, potential candidates is assessed to practice this sport. Activities that can be carried out to develop a program to help raise awareness and educate the participant that activity are then selected.
“Sport is an activity that promotes social integration, can help in the process of rehabilitation and promotes independence its physical benefits are numerous. Depending on what physical activity helps to be greater cardiovascular stress resistance; improves care coordination and balance; helps normalization of muscle tone; improves motor skills, body image laterality and spatial location, and prevents possible complications of disability, as can be osteoporosis. Sport also has many psychological benefits: can influence self-esteem, communication, motivation, develops the desire to excel, etc.
From Adventure in Canarias not you just want to continue to promote the sport but to establish an element of social integration, motivation and participation; is interesting and encouraging to see how others have overcome their fears, difficulties and obstacles found on the way. Some people we are presented now a new personal challenge. “If they can, why not me?” We prefer to infect us with the desire to overcome an incredible example!


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