Tandem flight with Flyincanarias

Probably this will be your first experience flying a paraglider, virtually 95% of our passengers is their first time.
For tandem paragliding, specially designed for this need equipment is used. One of the design factors, among others, is a function of the weight to be supported in flight (all, including two-seater) and have a load range in kilograms which in our case ranging from 140 to 220 kg.
During the flight have feelings slip, soft, safety and ease. Shortly away that worry about the unknown and proceed to enjoy fullness of time. If conditions permit, provided that the passenger wishes, we can take advantage of air currents slope to climb and gain a few yards.
We will do the same technique a speedboat bird, as do the hawks for example and possibly we fly with them. Thus, also prolong the flight. Although the duration of the always depend on weather conditions, the approximate flying time is about 20-30 minutes.
We want you to enjoy the most of your new flying experience!

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