This info is for the north side of the island, where we usually fly, conditions change dramatically with distance, check more info below or check the webcams. Belive it or not 35 km/h wind is perfect for some take offs, contact us first*.

Better if you start your spanish lessons.
Simple, Hoy means today and mañana means tomorrow. We find this sources to be the most accurate for this specific area, at least in temperature, wind direction and precipitation (click in the icons), you normally don´t need more, but if you do or you want it in english, check the links at the bottom of the page.



Links and tips

Wind prediction for the canary islandsGeneral Info: This page gives you details of inversion and wind direction with heights, it is the most useful if you are planning to use the high launches. The data being taken in Tenerife can not be %100 accurate but it’s extremely useful. If you find it too complicated, try the ones below these lines, and also for more accurate local conditions. If you decide to give it a go type this once asked inside the website.
Region= Africa, Type of plot= Giff to 700mb, Section number= 60018, good luck. Link

NorthWind stats: By far this is the favorite side for pilots, there are several launches and it’s usually flyable. Long dynamic flights are common and it is also suitable for acro (not everywhere), for cross country you will need specific conditions and local tricks.
Info on top is usually enough but here you have some other features.
This link will take you to the favorite site in the island, the reason being that it gives you info about waves (surfer’s paradise), but the reason I like it is because it gives you wind speed in knots, and its in several languages.

Agaete forecast and wind predictionWest: This part of the island is stunning, and when the wind blows in the right direction, here you will have a flight to remember for ever.
This link will get you great info for this area.
Note: Very easy to get lost in this roads and take offs are not easy to find either. Give us a call.

Pronostic for wind in Gran CanariaEast: Normally full of windsurfers, you can guess why. Even though there is an East take off and it could actually be very good, please take extra caution and follow this local advise. If you see sheep swiming (white stuff over the sea), stay grounded.
This Link is normally for strong wind seekers, but it gives you a good idea of the scenario.

South: There is also a start place pointing south, and it’s also very beautiful.
This link shows you the info needed.

All webcams in Gran Canaria

*We accept no responsability for anything that happens to you when using information from this site. If you don’t know what you are doing learn at school.