Paragliding Reserve Parachute Seminar

A pilot throws his reserve chute

Packing your own reserve parachute is important BUT learning when and how to throw ir is vital. If you are going down at 60 miles per hour it will take 11 seconds to cover 1000 feet, its crucial to react fast if you want to save your life. Your visual reference is gone when you are spinning at a high rate, the successful execution of the deployment sequence under adverse conditions will depend on your level of preparation. Practicing this procedure repeatedly in a simulator has no substitute.

A pilot throws his reserve chute
Parachute deployment

The goals in the seminars are:
Understanding how paragliding reserve parachutes are designed to function
When and how to throw your reserve
What to do once you have deployed your reserve
Learning to repack on your own

Horacio llorens professional pilots simulates an ugly scenario to throw reserve
Bad scenario on the paraglider simulator

Course components include: 

▪ Paragliding Reserve Parachute design introduction
▪ When to throw and when no to throw
▪ Checking before flying
▪ Deployment sequence
▪ In-flight simulations
▪ Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)
▪ Tree landing
▪ Multi-media displays of good and bad paragliding reserve deployments
▪ Multiple reserve deployments from a paragliding simulator
▪ Multiple paragliding reserve repacks

Trainer simulates throwing his reserve while flying
In flight simulations

Pilots often are afraid to do the repacking themselves arguing they can always hire a professional instructor to do it for them but imagine you go on a holiday and somebody accidentally lift your reserve handle and you end up with the parachute out of the container, this could be the end of your flying holiday, make sure you are able to pack this yourself. More important than this is the successful execution of the deployment sequence under any circumstances and, as mentioned before, the only way to make this process automatic is practicing this procedure repeatedly in a simulator.
We have developed our own simulation means, our paragliding simulator is unique and lets you sit on your own harness and get the same feeling that you will have your own equipment when flying, we’ll put you in some positions you could end up in bad scenarios and this will let you practice your deployment sequence. Also our zip line is great for this since travels 70 Mts over the water at more than 60 Mts.