The Flying Islands

Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith. The Flying Islands movie helps free flying pilots and other people interested in meteorology to get a deeper understanding of the wind. A group of international paraglider pilots set off for a trip around the Canary Islands to try to understand local conditions better. Learn with the them how the weather behaves worldwide using this beautiful scenery as background.
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Thanks to the high number of flyable days through the year the Canary Islands are the perfect place to learn, progress and gain knowledge and expertise to become an experienced paraglider pilot. In this collection of videos “The Flying Islands” will help to get a deeper understanding of the wind using real images and animations to explain different meteorology concepts.
Join us in this trip to the islands while we all learn new things about wind.
Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith


Anticyclones or high pressure centers are found between the subtropical and mild areas of the planet.
The Azores anticyclone usually spreads throughout the North Atlantic and focuses on the so-called archipelago.
“The Flying Islands” helps to explain different meteorological phenomena that are key to understanding free flight sports. In this chapter based on the island of Gran Canaria we can understand a little more about how an anticyclone is formed and behaves. Visit our profile and check out the complete series.



When two air masses coming from opposite directions meet, convergence takes place.
Taking Fuerteventura as background “The Flying Islands” shows how these convergences form and develop using real footage and computer animations.
An essential video for any free flight pilot or anybody with interest in meteorology. Amazing images of the Canary Islands
Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith

When the air particles begin to descend in certain areas of the planet they are piled up as in an hourglass, forming high pressures. These particles will travel towards the low pressures that are formed where the air rises due to having a higher temperature. Due to the rotation of the Earth these movements are spiraling. These pressure zones determine the direction and intensity of the wind and are the cause of good weather in the Canary Islands. With the Island of Lanzarote as a stage “The Flying Islands” explains how these movements of air develop.
Narrated by bruce Goldsmith


Flying in the leeward is usually discouraged, but with enough knowledge it can be done safely. The island of La Palma is the largest in the world in relation to its perimeter and therefore has an excellent leeward side, the perfect place to explain this type of flight.
The Flying Islands helps us to understand what happens in the windward and leeward of some mountains.