Paragliding with Fly in Canarias

A tandem is a glider for two, in which the passenger or passenger flies anchored at all times an expert instructor; It is the simplest and safest way to make your dream of flying.
Tandem paragliding is a unique experience that you can share with your family, partner, friends, etc.
It is a very simple Air sport perform, in a backpack on your back you take the flight material: Your wings, once deployed, and after a smooth ride make blunders you in the air like a bird, sitting comfortably in the harness or seat flight.
Thanks to today’s technology, we have a wing that lets you fly through the same aerodynamic principles by flying birds or planes. Paragliding is a low-speed aircraft, and makes takeoffs and landings softer world.

Tandem paragliding is a very safe aviation activity. Current gliders are made of high-tech materials and very resistant, plus the weather conditions are carefully chosen.
In short, paragliding sport air is closest to the dream of flying like birds.
Enjoy the freedom of flying more fun and safe way, with Adventure in the Canaries.10384857_570993223007414_2916222434136718291_n 10404085_570993379674065_6722149041243211771_n 10418922_570993573007379_4895512933422184472_n 10438398_570993313007405_5150997328407785491_n 10505481_570993789674024_8502598756201758791_n