The quickest and safest way to paraglide in Gran Canaria.
Bring your own equipment and fly with us, or buy a Tandem flight, you really don’t need anything but desire.Pilots with years of experience will take you to some of the nicest spots on Earth, whatever you need, thermal, soaring or acro flight, we have it all, and even better, all year round.All packages we sell, come with the FIC pack, hasslefree, ready for you.For bookings please contact us.FIC Pack:


Site’s maps
Island map
Site’s important info (do’s and dont’s)
Radio support
Emergency numbers
Safety briefing
Meteo intro
After flight cold cerveza
Packed lunch (in case you are starving after landing but we will normally eat in nice local restaurants)
CD with loads of videos and pics of your trip
DVD edited with your own music about your experience with us







Tandem fligth:

€55 if you or your companion buy any of our site’s packages

See video

Tandem fligth Paramotor or Paratrike:

€90 (15 mins)  Whatever is more convenient the day you choose. It will depend on wind.

€150 (25 mins)











Equipment rental

Full kits 50 euros 1 day, 80 2 days or 35 daily when renting for 3 days or more

Flying in lso Giles and The Isleta in the back


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